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Our Amazing Team of Volunteers.

This is just a few of the people who are volunteering to support this fund 


Oksana Mullen

Founder & Fundraisor

Yulia Lankaster

Organisor & Fundraisor

Jerome Mullen

Advisor & Fundraisor

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-11 at 11.57.09 PM.jpeg

Jason Pipe

Organisor & Fundraisor

Alex Dyce

Organisor & Fundraisor

Revd. Dr. Mike Branscombe

Advisor & Fundraisor



Organisor & Fundraisor



Organisor & Fundraisor

Ambulance Delivery!
Working together and keeping it going.

I am so proud to be surrounded by great friends who have all been brilliant and helped in any way they can.  And two of my friends have gone abover and beyond:  Susan Roberts and Lee Chapman.
Susan and Lee decided they wanted to help more and do something different.  They decided they wanted to send ambulances to Ukraine and started raising funds.  Two weeks ago they got their first bus and names it Galina.  And week Lee and a number of his friends have delivered the ambulance to Lviv in Ukraine.  

We are going to keep rasing more funds, and supporting as much as we can whether its more food, more abulances, more medical supplies or more whatever?  We will find it, purchase it and send it to them, and maintain full transparency on everythindg,

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