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Helping desperate families with children in Krakow

While we were in Krakow, we decided that sitting in our hotel rooms was a complete waste of time when we could be getting directly involved

Sowe started going to Krakow station every night at 10pm. Just when the last trains were leaving and when people will be their most worried if they dont have a place to stay.

And we started to help!!

Every night we would get 3-4 families back to the hotel and provide them with food and accomodation for 1-2 nights. The first night just so they could catch their breath. And the second night so they could so they could use the day in between to plan where they wanted to go.

And we helped them get there. We worked with them to see where they wanted to go. We helped them choose if they needed help. And we bought them tickets for their onwards travel wherever that was needed.

It was truly lovely to see the people go from completely broken with only what they could carry no idea what to do, to relieved when they realised we were genuine people genuinely helping them, to delighted when they had their plans made and were getting of to their desired destination.

Here are just a few of those people.

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