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Getting my mum and everyone back to Ireland!!!

It was hard and seemed like it took forever but finally, on St. Patricks Day of all days, everyone is finally leaving Poland and heading for Ireland.

My mum had left 2 days earlier by a hearse through ukraine, then poland, and then onto a ship to Dublin before finally being collected by the funeral undertakers. We were so releived.

This is the picture took on the lobby of the hotel we stayed in. It was nice to be leaving but we also shed some tears as everyone was heading even further away from Ukraine, their families and their friends.

  • Kateryna was leaving behind her family, friends and career as a opera singer in Kiev behind.

  • Nikita and Arkadi were leaving their mums, dads and other siblings behind

  • Uliana, Marianna, Sophia, Nazar & Annamaria were leaving their dad behind.

  • Vika and David were leaving their hiusband and Dad behind.

  • Alla was leaving her familiy and friends

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