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Help And Support The People Of Ukraine
Unstoppable Unity: Together, We Thrive

I am incredibly proud to be surrounded by an extraordinary circle of friends who have been nothing short of brilliant. Among them, Susan Roberts and Lee Chapman shine as they venture beyond limits. Their mission: sending ambulances to Ukraine. With the arrival of Galina, their first bus, in Lviv, we're fueled to raise more funds and offer unwavering support—be it food, ambulances, medical supplies, or whatever it takes. Transparency is our pledge.

Our Story

My name is Oksana Mullen, and I am a proud Ukrainian living near London with my husband Justin Mullen and my two children, Francheska & Izabella. Life was wonderful until recently when my mother Galyna, while fleeing the war with my father Mykola and 13 other family & friends, collapsed and died after nearly 50 hours of travel.


Persuading them to Leave

My world started turning upside down on the 24th Feb 2022 - they day I got news from home that Putin had invaded. I couldnt believe it.

Like most Ukrainians living abroad we immediately started phoning family and friends


On Saturday 5th March my mom Galina, Babushka as she was known, started travelling with mt dad and my disabled brother.

A journey like no other

She was waiting with thousands of people on a train platform, in zero degrees, for 17 hours to get a train out of a city on the wrong side of Ukraine.

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My worst fear

But alas that journey was took much for my mom's poor body. She collapsed and died on Sunday 6th March just after getting off the train in Lviv, devasting my my father, brother, me and all my family.

I am haunted by the thought its my fault, because I told her to leave.

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Transforming Lives

A Remarkable Rescue Mission unfolds at the Border. With 13 Lorries and counting, this Inspiring Effort has already Helped 20+ Families, Offering New Beginnings and Restoring Hope in the Face of Adversity


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